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When you learn your true mate is trapped in a bond she never wanted, there’s only one thing to do ­– free her.

I swore I’d never rejoin Shifter Affairs. Their rules stopped me from exacting my own brand of justice and allowed criminals to walk free. But my promise to solve a cold murder pulls me right back in.

And this case leads me to a skittish female who triggers every primitive instinct I possess. We click. Instantly. Just like it’s supposed to be between true mates.

The only problem? Mya’s already taken. She’s also already a mother. And she’s pregnant again.

I missed out on my happily-ever-after and the fated love few shifters ever find.

But so did Mya. She didn't choose this life. An abusive man claimed her before I could and forced her into a bond for the babies she can conceive.

Not any longer. My true mate has a choice, even if the law says she doesn’t. And if it takes my death to free Mya, so be it.

~ Rick

NOTE: This is the tame version of Freeing his Mate by Nancy Corrigan.

Enjoy getting lost in the Shifter World® without explicit love scenes or harsh language. Please be advised there are still sensual scenes (kissing and adult references) and fight scenes in this book.

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