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Shifter cop. Hot Romance. Killer Action. And a chance to be a dad.

Rick’s seen it all, tried everything once, and lived to tell about it. At least he thought he’s experienced everything life has to offer. Returning to his late mate’s pack to solve a cold murder reminds him of the one thing he’s missed out on – a family.

Life as a shifter female is hard. Mya knows this better than most. Forced into a bond for the babies she can conceive, she’s nothing more than an incubator. Mya wants more for her daughters and herself. But with the law on her breeding partner’s side, she won’t ever be free to experience love. And once she delivers a son, hers might be the next murder Rick investigates.

The skittish shifter female who awakens his primal side can give Rick everything…if he can free her from the criminal who trapped her. And if Rick dies in the process, so be it. A true mate will risk everything for love.

Rick and Mya’s story is a shifter-style handmaid’s tale with a happily ever after.

Step into the Shifter World® with the first Shifter Affairs agent who will go above and beyond to fight for his true mate…and love.

NOTE: This is the tame version of Freeing his Mate by Nancy Corrigan.

Enjoy getting lost in the Shifter World® without explicit love scenes or harsh language. Please be advised there are still sensual scenes (kissing and adult references) and fight scenes in this book.

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