Distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder. It triggers a shifter’s instinct to possess.

Being a shifter’s beloved human is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Zoe knows this firsthand. Shifters are possessive, demanding…and incredibly hot. And the pride leader who’s left his mark on her is more primal than any man she’s ever met. Resisting Kade’s claim grows harder every day. But she doesn't know how to be the woman he needs. Her heart already belongs to the dead.

Zoe’s back…on his turf and under his rules. And Kade will make sure his true mate never leaves him again. Even if he has to trigger her instincts to possess him. The jaded, free-spirited woman is his to treasure and love. He even has the ‘Property of Zoe Conway’ pet tag to prove it.

But the nightmare Zoe’s been running from is now walking the streets as a free man. And when the past threatens to repeat itself, Kade will risk everything—including his pride—to make sure Zoe never loses anything ever again.

More details coming soon.

Kade is book 4 of the Shifter World: Agents of Shifter Affairs series.