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A diaper changing assassin. An innocent woman. And a fight to save a pack's future.

Lusting after a man who doesn’t act as if you exist takes its toll on a woman. Sara can’t seem to stop herself. Ilan’s primal allure makes him dangerously hot. He’s also the only man who can save her from those who want her dead.

Ilan’s walked this world for thousands of years delivering his own brand of justice. He knows little about love or keeping a female happy. And when he’s entrusted with the future of his pack, he’s at a loss. His little pack mate is tiny, fragile, and…loud. Sara understands love, though. She looks good with a baby in her arms too. And she’s his to claim.

Fated love can only be ignored for so long before a predator’s instincts to possess overrules the man’s need to protect, but an assassin’s life is a dangerous one. And when death targets his female and his most vulnerable pack mates, an angel of death has two choices – hunt or die. And the only heaven Ilan will ever find is the one in Sara’s arms.

If you're looking for a story where the deliciously hot hero who's the ultimate bad boy falls for the sweet, curvy girl next door, you've found the right book. Ilan and Sara are the ultimate power couple according to readers. Read their story and fall in love with love again.

NOTE: This is the tame version of Claimed by the Assassin by Nancy Corrigan

Enjoy getting lost in the Shifter World® without explicit love scenes or harsh language. Please be advised there are still sensual scenes (kissing and adult references) and fight scenes in this book.

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