Kade e-book cover image by Dana Archer book 4 in the Agents of Shifter Affairs series, part of the Closed-Door Shifter World, a best-selling, a critically acclaimed paranormal suspense romance novel
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He thinks we're destined to be together.
I think he's crazy...

I've been around shifters all my life. I even dated one back in high school. I just didn't know it until my brother's girlfriend went all furry on me and left me scarred.

Now, I'm in on the big "shifters walk among us" secret. I'm even owned by one. Okay, technically, I'm Kade's beloved human. I carry his scent like some sort of property tag, letting every other shifter know I belong to the alpha of the Royal Alexander pride.

And now Kade's got it in his head I'm his mate. I'e tried keeping my distance and letting him down nicely, but he's stubborn and obsessed with me. Kade isn't letting me go, and all his talk of true love and destiny and heaven on earth is making me believe him.

But if I'm his perfect match, he's in trouble. I'm more interested in keeping the man who killed my family behind bars. Then there's the little problem with my soul. It's...dark. I'm having delusions and talking to myself and... Well, loving Kade means exposing him to my hell.

  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-52-9
  • ASIN e-book = B0BD9FNKND
  • Series = Agents of Shifter Affairs
  • # in Series = 4
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Dana Archer
  • Genre = Paranormal Suspense Romance (Fiction)
  • Closed-door version of Possessed by Nancy Corrigan

The series starts with and holds you all the way through. You just don’t want to put it down. Great series and will recommend to anyone.

Sheally R. ★★★★★

“Are you okay, Miss…”

“Conway. Zoe Conway.” My name is on my lips before I can think better of it. I’m too close to the Alexander pride lands to be dropping my name.

Holding me up with an arm around my waist, Jarah wipes the back of his hand across my forehead. The odd sickness fades. “You’re not running a fever. Have you eaten recently, Zoe?”

“I don’t have any money for food.” Again, the truth spills from my mouth.

“No money, huh?” Jarah sets me away from him, pulls out a wad of twenties, and hands me half.

I shake my head—the nausea gone as if I hadn’t just been ready to heave my guts—and shove the money back. “I can’t take this.”

“Sure you can.” He retrieves a pen from his back pocket, uncaps it with his teeth, then scribbles a number on the top bill. “And if you feel guilty about taking it, call me. I’ll set it up so you can work a couple of hours answering the phone at my tattoo shop.”

No ink covers his exposed skin—hands, neck, or face—but that doesn’t mean he’s not tattooed. Clothing hides a lot—from scars to tattoos. “I’m not staying around.”

“Afraid, huh?”

Bristling, I plant a hand on my cocked hip. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Jarah laughs, the deep sound shaking his chest. “Hope you don’t actually believe that, Ms. Conway. Everyone’s afraid of something.”

"Let's get back to this little situation we're in. You caught me. Now what?"

"Like I said. It depends on you."

"Does it?" Zoe worries her lip, the distraction doing little to hide her contemplation or the scheme I see forming. "Then I hate to say this, I really do, but I'm going to have to rehome you. It's just not fair to keep a pet with my lifestyle. I'm never home. I don't--"

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