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Royals and Alphas, book 2
a story in the Shifter World

A desperate ploy to save her family thrusts a human woman into the path of an unapologetic shifter who bites first, then asks questions later.

Full description:
In a world filled with danger, Lena finds herself tasked with protecting her sisters, one a rare white lion shifter and the other her own flesh and blood. In a last-ditch effort to throw a pack of ruthless hunters off their trail, she turns herself into bait.

And ends up marked by a powerful Royal shifter and claimed as his wife.

Devin insists he's not the enemy, but her fated mate. There’s just one problem…

He’s feral.

And he’s not letting her go.

Now Lena must walk a dangerous line between temptation, loyalty, and survival. Because she’s not giving up on those she loves.

But if destiny brought them together, life keeps trying to tear them apart. And she’s not sure if they’re going to make it out of this mess in one piece. Or if their love will crumble under the weight of reality.

Formats: eBook, paperback, hardback, audio
  • ISBN e-book = 978-1-953075-10-9
  • ASIN e-book = B0BXC1KN88
  • Series = Royals and Alphas
  • # in Series = 2
  • Publisher = Cherokee House Publishing
  • Author = Dana Archer
  • Genre = Fantasy Paranormal Romance (Fiction)
  • Closed-door version of Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan

The story keeps you wanting to know more and more about the who, what, when, where's, and how. It allows the imagination soar!

Teri ★★★★★

"The mate bond is powerful, Lena, and we are a pair of the lucky ones. We both recognized our connection, maybe not to the same extent, but it was there. Some pairs refuse to see it or to fight for it. They hold other values and needs higher rather than cherishing the gift given to them by the goddesses."

That feeling of being treasured she'd experienced multiple times in Devin's presence returned, stronger than it ever had. "Is that what I am? A gift?"

"The greatest of all."

With a smile on her face, she touched his cheek. "I'm a hot mess, Devin. A product of unfortunate circumstances, too many failed relationships, and a sharp tongue. That's not the sort of woman who deserves to have a man like you look at her as if she was his heaven."

"But you are mine." Devin took her hand and kissed the fingers she'd stroked over his skin. "You're my everything."

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